How much is a GP visit?


The Government has been forced to announce it is cutting £9.5bn from GP visits, but has refused to detail how many people it will be paying out or how many it will have to cut.

The Department of Health has not said how much the cuts will cost the NHS.

The announcement came amid growing pressure on the Government to make more money from the GP budget, which has been reduced by more than £100bn over the last five years.

GP visits are an essential part of the NHS, and have been for more than half a century.

The Government says the cuts are necessary to “reduce the impact of the ageing population on the health system”.

The Government said it will not make any changes to the number of GP visits or other GP services it provides, but that it would seek “more flexible and transparent funding” to cover some of the cost.

The decision is also a blow to the British Medical Association, which represents about 4.5 million doctors, and has argued that the cuts would be “a disaster” for doctors.

The AMA said it was concerned that “the Government will be unable to provide the support needed to keep doctors in the profession”.

“These cuts will put the NHS at risk, and it is essential that the Government take decisive action to save the NHS,” AMA general secretary Mark Porter said.

The government’s figures have come under increasing pressure, after NHS bosses called for more money to be spent on the NHS and said the government needed to consider how it would save money.

NHS chief executive Simon Stevens said on Wednesday that he did not expect the NHS to be able to cope without GP visits “for a generation”.

NHS bosses also want the government to consider whether it is “a reasonable amount” to save money on GP visits.

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