How the Trump administration is using the state of emergency to justify the use of military force


By the time the State Department’s top diplomat left office last month, the Obama administration had used military force in at least 30 countries.

As part of a policy shift that began in 2013, the Trump team has decided to use the state to justify its use of force.

The move comes as the White House is struggling to contain an escalating civil war in Syria and the United States is grappling with a rising wave of terrorism and pandemic infections.

Trump’s actions come at a critical time for the U.S. in a region already grappling with the effects of a new pandemic that has forced the closure of the entire U.N. refugee agency.

Trump has not indicated how he intends to implement the policy change or when it will take effect.

But on Friday, the State Departments top diplomat, Heather Nauert, wrote in a letter to Congress that the Trump transition team “has made a decision to use state of exigent emergency to circumvent Congress and the U!


Constitution and to expand its domestic and foreign surveillance powers.”

The letter also called on Congress to block any attempt by Trump to unilaterally impose the state emergency.

Trump said in a statement Saturday that the administration was “fully prepared to use all necessary measures to respond to any and all threats” posed by the new pandemics.

The Trump administration announced last month that it would use military force to help stabilize Syria and impose sanctions on Russia for its alleged interference in the U

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