How to avoid debt, unemployment and mortgage interest charges in India


How can you avoid debt interest charges? 

In India, there are a lot of ways you can avoid these charges and help defray your interest.

If you are not able to pay your debt in full, you may have to pay the money back with interest. 

It is very important to understand the rules and restrictions in India.

Here are the rules you should know about to avoid the charges in your country. 


Debt payments are not eligible for the benefit of defraying The repayment of your debt is not eligible to the benefit of defray. 

This means that you cannot claim the benefit under the ‘defrayment of interest’ scheme. 

For example, if you have to repay your loan within 30 days after you start the repayment process, the interest will not be counted towards your debt. 

However, the debt may be forgiven with interest at the end of the 30-day period. 


You must not take the government subsidy to cover interest The payment of interest is not included in the benefit offered by the government to defray the interest.

For example, you will not qualify for any benefit if you take the benefit as a tax deduction. 

You will have to contribute the amount of the subsidy to the government. 


If you are an expatriate, you must also contribute the subsidy If you live abroad and you want to claim the benefits of the Defrayment Assistance Scheme, you have the obligation to contribute to the subsidy. 

The government will only give you the benefit if your tax income exceeds the total subsidy amount for the year. 


Your debt must be paid in full within 15 days The defrayable amount of interest charged on the debt must not be more than 15 days after the debt is due. 

To be eligible for benefits under the scheme, the amount charged must be equal to the total of the amount payable in full for the past year.

The amount must not exceed $1,000. 


Cancel any payment due at any time The interest charges on the interest payment may not be cancelled, but the repayment of the debt will not end automatically. 

There are certain conditions to be met in order to get the defrayments of interest.

The first one is that you must pay the interest in full.

If there are any payments due, you should contact the department concerned. 


Don’t pay interest to other individuals, businesses, government agencies or even a person The interest on the debts cannot be paid to individuals, corporations or government agencies. 


When you receive a payment, notify the department immediately The debt service department can’t cancel any payment you receive without your written consent. 


Income tax is not a benefit, it is an obligation The income tax is a benefit to you.

You are not obliged to pay income tax to pay off your debt, but you should inform the department if the amount you are paying is less than $25,000 a year.

If the amount is over $25,500, you are obligated to pay it, unless you have a debt for which you can pay the amount with interest free of interest charges. 


Avoid the tax if you are over the age of 60 and your debts exceed $25000 A person can not avoid paying tax on the amount they owe if they are over 60 years of age. 


Only pay interest when you are making a repayment The amount you pay for interest will only be available for repayment once. 


Use a non-taxable credit to help definance your debt The debt cannot be deducted from the income of you and your dependants. 


Be prepared to pay additional tax to repay the debt If the amount due for the debt has been paid, you cannot use a non -taxable financial credit to repay it. 13. 

Pay the debt in a lump sum or on a credit card If your debts are more than $25 000, you need to pay at least the balance of the payment in a single lump sum. 


Never pay more than the balance due for a debt You should not pay more for a payment than the amount that has been already paid. 


Get a copy of the documents you need from the debt department before you make any paymentsThe debt department will not send you a copy if it is not necessary. 


Notify the debt company If a debt company refuses to send a copy to you, you can go to the department to get a copy. 


Keep your debt payments under control Do not give any information about your debt to a debt collector, debt collector’s assistant or debt collection agency 18. 

Try to avoid taking out a loan or credit card to pay for a service or goods Do keep the

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