How to keep the cost of food down with defraying out and defray definition


Webster, the first American dictionary definition of defrays, has been updated with a new definition that explains the difference between “defrayed” and “defrays”.

The new definition makes the word defray meaning “receiving”.

Webster’s original definition was: “A service that is paid to a person for a specific price, but which does not include an expense that is incurred in paying for that service”.

But Webster’s definition now means “a service that does not involve an expense or payment for the service”.

Webster has since removed that definition from its website, saying that the word is too confusing and “may confuse customers and employees”.

“We will continue to revise our definition as necessary to reflect the changing definitions of many terms,” the company said.

The definition also makes the distinction between “the costs of providing a service” and the “revenues of a company”.

Webster, in its updated definition, said: “Defrayed food, clothing, and shelter are all examples of a service which is not paid for by the consumer but which includes an expense of some sort, such as a hire, travel, or maintenance.”

It added that “defrains, defrayes, and defrays are often used interchangeably”.

The definition, which was published online on Monday, was created by, a company that offers free dictionary definitions.

Webster said it had updated its definition to include the word “deferred” in the next edition, due in 2018.

“The term deferred is the term used to describe a service, whether paid for or not, that does NOT involve an expenditure,” Webster wrote in the updated definition.

“In other words, deferred is not a term for ‘a payment that does come to an end, or a service that never comes to an actual end’.

The word deferred is used to refer to a service whose cost or revenue is deferred.”

The definition was published on the company’s website on Monday.

The word “depreciates” Webster’s dictionary has previously been used to denote the loss of a term in a dictionary.

Webster’s updated definition includes the word: “An item which is of little or no value and is subsequently replaced by another item of comparable or greater value.”

The word is not used in Webster’s definitions of the words “receive”, “received”, “paid for”, “receivable”, “earned” or “repaid”.

The dictionary’s definition has also been updated to say that the term “reparables” is a misnomer, referring to “any object which is used for making something else”.

It added: “It is an incorrect and misleading usage to say ‘reparable’ implies that it is the object which has to be replaced.

The correct usage is ‘object’ which is to be re-used.”

Webster said its definition was based on research and “further analysis”.

“In this new edition, we will be making further changes to the definition to clarify the difference and clarify its meaning,” Webster said.

def of defray define defrayed out defray definition webster

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