How to keep your kids safe from sexual abuse


The sexual abuse of children is on the rise and there is a growing awareness among some people that there may be ways to prevent it.

One of those people is the family courts.

A new study says a lack of oversight of family courts and their use of technology is contributing to the problem.

The study, published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, looks at the court system’s role in sexual abuse.

A spokesperson for the Ontario family courts says they have been working with the Centre to ensure they are using technology to identify children as victims and protect them from abuse.

The Ontario family court system has been using technology, such as cell phones and facial recognition technology, to identify offenders since 2009, according to spokesperson Karen DeLuca.

DeLucas said they have since adopted more technology to detect and remove children who are at risk.

She said there are now technology that can help protect victims from predators and the courts.

“We’ve seen a lot of people say they feel safer going into the court room and we see that a lot,” said DeLucaa.

De Luca said that there are a variety of ways to look at the issue and the different ways that technology can be used to identify people.

Some people who work with child victims of sexual abuse may use a facial recognition tool to see if there are other people in the room.

She also said there may also be technology that is being used to find out if a victim has had a previous sexual assault or abuse.

There is a risk of abuse being discovered when a child is not present, said De Lucaa.

In some instances, it is possible that the child may not even know that the abuse occurred.

De Lucas said the technology can also help protect people who may be vulnerable to abuse.

“What it does is it tells you how vulnerable you are and it can show you that, ‘You are vulnerable, you can go out and make some changes, you are doing it safely, and it will work,'” said De LUCAS.

De lucas also said the court is not using the technology for all types of cases, but rather for cases that are more severe.

“It’s not just one case, it’s a situation where it’s someone who has a history of sexual violence, where there’s a history in the family,” said the spokesperson.

DeLucas says that if a child has been abused before, it would not be surprising if the technology identified the child as a victim, but the child is now in the system.

The researchers say there are no specific numbers for how many children have been identified by the court, but there are anecdotal reports of the courts using technology in other areas.

The use of facial recognition is a common problem in the courts, said the researchers.

In 2015, the government of Ontario said they are currently looking at how technology could be used in family courts to prevent child sexual abuse, but it was not clear if that was a pilot program or not.

De la Luca says the research also looked at how the court would use facial recognition to identify victims of child abuse.

DeLaLuca says there are also other ways the court can identify people to help protect children.

She says the court will often give the children who come into the system a phone number to contact if they have a concern or need a referral.

“They will not always call, they may not have that phone number, and they will not have access to that phone, but they will still call,” said de lucasa.

De luca says that sometimes the family court is simply not trained to look for children and that is what happened in the study.

“When we’re talking about children, we’re actually talking about people who are a lot older than the children and they’re a lot less likely to know that their child has a past or has been exposed to something,” said da lucassa.

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