How to save on travel and accommodation at this year’s conference of the International Hotel Association


The International Hotel Federation is looking for a new president.

We need to hire someone who understands how our industry works, our membership and how we work together.

We need someone who will be able to connect with our members, who can help us work together in a way that is both efficient and fair.

It’s an incredibly difficult job.

We want someone who is willing to build relationships with our membership in a positive way.

We are looking for someone who has a long track record of leadership in hospitality, who is able to deliver results.

The hotel industry is in a crisis.

As hotels and restaurants, hotels and businesses, and hotels and governments, we are increasingly facing a growing amount of competition.

This is a real crisis for our industry and for our business.

Our membership is in an increasingly difficult position, but we also have to look to our businesses to solve the problem.

We have to have an understanding of the challenges and solutions.

We also need someone that understands the issues and the issues are not being addressed by our industry, and we need someone to do that.

We are working with the IHTA to determine a new leader for the IHH.

The IHH Board of Directors will meet in early October to decide who should succeed him.

IHTC’s President and CEO, Mark Pendergrass, has been leading the organization since 2012.

He joined the organization in 2002 and was the group’s CEO from 2013 to 2018.

In that time, IHTS and IHH have been able to successfully negotiate many major deals.

We recognize that we are not alone.

The hotel industry and its members have worked hard over many years to find solutions to a variety of problems and have built a strong business that has generated substantial returns.

We look forward to a continued collaboration with the new leadership.

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