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Defray, the government-funded website that lets citizens make payments through a website, is offering a new option for people who want to defray their government expenses.

The website will offer a payment plan called defray to defrays a portion of any government expense that is not covered by the existing government program.

It will cost $10 a month for an individual and $30 a month per family member.

For the first year, the site will also offer a defray option for the general public.

The site says the money will be refunded to the person who made the payment.

The defray website was designed by the Government of Canada in partnership with Canadian Heritage and the Institute of Public Affairs.

Its goal is to ensure that taxpayers are not forced to cover unnecessary expenses through the existing system, said Marc Purdy, a spokesperson for the government of Canada.

Canada has a $14.7-billion budget for the new defray program, which will be funded through the new Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The government will also use some of that money to help defray the costs of the new website, which is expected to open to the public in the fall of 2019.

The federal government is spending $1.4 billion on over three years, including $1 billion in the first three months of this year, according to documents released by Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

In the first five months of 2018, Morneau’s office says that defray was responsible for covering an estimated $9.3 billion in “defray-related expenses” that were not covered under the existing program.

The government said in a release that defrays expenses are not subject to income-based eligibility rules, which means they are not tax deductible.

The CRA has a list of other ways it can reimburse defray that are available to the general taxpayer.

Defray, which was started in the early 1990s by the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, is aimed at helping people pay for expenses related to the Canada Revenue Act, such as food, transportation, housing and child care.

It also helps defray “emergency expenses” such as paying for medical care and other expenses that could not be covered through other government programs, the CRA said.

In April 2018, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance reported that the cost of covering the government’s expenses in 2018 was $1,037,000 per day, an increase of $6,637,200 in a year.

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