NFL Players’ Deferred Compensation Deferral Plan is Still $1 Million per Year


NFL Players who have received their deferred compensation in the form of a severance package are still owed another $1 million, according to an NFL spokesperson.

NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith spoke to FOX Sports about the deferred compensation plan for players and said that players are still being paid $1.1 million per year as a result of the plan.

“The amount is deferred and paid on a regular basis,” Smith said.

“Players still have that deferred compensation.”

The deferred compensation is part of the NFLPA’s Deferred Payment Plan, which was created in 2017 to help players who were injured in an accident or injury while playing professional football, according the NFL.

Players who earn the deferred payment are still entitled to the full amount owed to them, as well as the rest of the benefits the NFL provided to injured players in 2018.

Under the plan, players who receive the deferred payments are paid $500 a month for the first five months of their contracts.

For the rest, they receive $300 a month per month.

Players are also eligible for an additional $1,000 in deferred compensation each month for each month they receive the full deferred compensation amount.

If a player earns the deferred amount, that player receives $500 in full payment each month, plus $500 per month in deferred payment for the remaining time he or she remains on the team, Smith said in a statement.

The deferred payments have been around since the 2017 season.

The NFLPA said that the plan was created “to help players injured in the field during the NFL’s season to avoid the financial ruin of having to pay the full $1 billion in salary cap penalties in 2018.”

The plan allows players to receive $1m per year for the entire season.

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