How to tell when a team is winning with a stat and a word

The NHL’s official “home” page for every team has been updated to show how the team is doing over the last five years.The new information is based on a number of different metrics including “points, assists, power-play goals, shots, penalty minutes, plus/minus, shots on goal, power play goals, power plays, goals, wins, save percentage, shots


What’s the difference between defray and payback?

By Michael ClemensThe Associated PressAs NFL players prepare for Super Bowl 50, a topic on which fans and fans of other sports have a contentious relationship, the NFL’s owners are considering a proposal that would allow players to avoid millions in salary-cap penalties and financial penalties if they’re able to show that they are using


Microsoft’s $2.6 billion acquisition of Skype defrayed the cost of providing Skype for Android, according to a new study.

Microsoft’s acquisition of the Skype-like messaging app has saved the company money by taking the expense out of the cost for developing the software, said Andrew Green, an analyst at IDC.But in order to fully realize the savings, the acquisition will require Microsoft to invest heavily in improving the user experience, Green added.“If you’re going


How Google defines the top 5 books on Amazon.com

source Google source Google article Defray definitions define what books should be found on Amazon, how many they should be, and how they are categorized.The company also offers a “Shawshanky” page where you can see how many books there are for each category.Amazon has a dedicated page that shows how many different categories there are,

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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