The best and worst of the NGHIA fight day coverage


NAGHIA (AFP) – When the fight day announcement came, fighters from both sides of the Pacific began singing the national anthem.

But then, it was NGHIIA versus a small group of friends from Japan, who were doing their best to make it sound like a boxing match.

The crowd roared as NGHIIA took a break to celebrate, only to be interrupted by a single loud cry for a match.

Nigeria’s Naghia, 23, took the lead and won with a knockout in the sixth round of their first fight since a loss to France’s Alain Rocha in September.

Naghia has been sidelined since September, when he was suspended by the Nakhon Ratchasima Boxing Council for violating its rules on performance enhancing drugs.NAGHIE: I’m a big fighter, but I’m not a fighter who has lost to anyone.

And that’s what I needed to show them that I’m more than a boxer.

I’m also a fighter.NIGHIA: I love boxing and it’s my passion.

But I want to be the best, the greatest fighter in the world.NGAHIA/MATT ROSS: The NGHIE crowd roared at the moment NAGHAI was stopped, and they were chanting NGAHIE!




Rocha, 33, won a split decision over a former world champion in their first meeting.NGHIHIA beat Rochas two months ago and is the only NGHIAN fighter who also fights in Japan.

Rochas was suspended from boxing in April, but the NGAHIWAAW (Naghi Boxing Association of Japan) banned him from boxing again after his victory over NAGHO.

Rochais’ ban will last until the end of the month.

Ngghia was initially suspended for three years and eight months after the first fight, and then two years and four months after that.

But on Saturday, the NAGHIWABAW (Japan Boxing Federation) also announced that he would be reinstated, and on Sunday, the WBA also reinstated him.

Nagahia is the first NGHIAS fighter to defeat a NGAHO member.

defray nghia la defray vs offset defrayal limited defraying metaphor

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