The first day of the year, in a nutshell


How do you define what’s the first day in the year?

In a nutshell, that’s a complicated question that has multiple answers.

The first day is a weeklong celebration of our shared humanity, with the expectation that we will take this moment to reflect and reflect back on our own life experiences, and what it means to be human.

For some, this day is about celebrating the first of many celebrations and celebrations of our lives, the start of the new year.

Others, this is about making some kind of statement about how our world is a better place and how we can help each other.

Some are trying to celebrate the end of a year, the end in which things seem to be getting better, with a little bit of hope and some optimism.

Others are trying a different tack, celebrating a certain amount of despair and pessimism.

Whatever your definition of the first, here’s a look at the best and worst examples from 2017, based on what some have called the “first day of 2018.”

The best examples:The best, in my opinion, come from writers and critics, who tend to fall into the category of the “First Day of the Year” crowd.

Writer and poet Sarah Koenig wrote in a Medium piece about the first anniversary of her suicide, “It is impossible to celebrate without also reflecting, and that is why I felt compelled to write this piece.

For me, writing this article gave me hope for the first year of my life.”

A few years ago, NPR’s chief content officer, Jena McGregor, spoke about her feelings after the 2016 election, saying, “I was thinking about what I would do if Donald Trump won.

I think I would say, ‘Oh, my God, it was such a sad day,'” but she was also thinking about the work we did in 2017, and how that’s how we’re going to live out our lives as a nation.

She went on to write, “We did something important.

We changed history.

We were one nation.

We have no choice.”

It’s also a common refrain in 2017: We’re not even close to a “post-Trump” era, which was widely dismissed by the media as the year of Trump.

But the reality is, 2017 has been a turning point for Trump, for the alt-right, and for the political establishment, which is largely a collection of white men who are terrified of a new era of immigration, racial and religious minorities, and Muslims.

It’s also, for some, the beginning of the end.

When writers and writers-at-large like Sarah Koenigs essayists like Sarah Silverman and Roxane Gay get to the first night of the festival, they’ll be celebrating a new milestone in the Trump era: the end to the #MeToo movement, which made a huge impact on women’s and gender justice, and helped fuel the election of Trump and the Trump resistance.

But the next night, the #PussyGate movement will likely be one of the biggest headlines of the entire festival.

And that will be bad news for the media’s favorite hashtag.

It’s a movement that is driven by an obsession with sex and a deep distrust of those who have it.

The #MeTheyMe movement is a movement fueled by sexual objectification and sexual violence against women, and its main message is that women are to blame for rape and sexual assault.

And it’s a group of people who are angry at the establishment.

It is an ideology that is often associated with the alt right and the alt left, but it has been popular in some conservative circles.

For the next year, this hashtag will be the focal point of the #Day1 movement, a campaign to get the media to cover the first weekend of the New Year with an all-male “Me” headline.

But even if we can make the first week of the 2020s a feminist and feminist-friendly celebration of human freedom and equality, the media is not going to get this message across in 2017.

The best and the worst examples:While the #TheFirstDay hashtag is about the second day of celebration, many of the best examples of the second days come from those writers and journalists who are still mourning the end, writing about how this year has been bittersweet.

In one article from the Washington Post, writer and columnist Emily Yoffe wrote that she has “no idea what day it is,” adding, “But I think it’s gonna be nice to celebrate it in person.”

That’s because, as she writes, “The first night is like the beginning, and the second night is where the celebration really begins.”

It starts with the beginning: a day that is a celebration of the way our lives have changed in the last year.

It ends with the end: a celebration that is about embracing the fact that 2017 has already been a very hard year, but the beginning and the

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