The world’s biggest ransomware attacks are getting harder to detect, and increasingly, you can’t tell which ones are ransomware.


A group of hackers called Defrayal Fitness has released a new malware program called RansomFit, designed to hide the origin of the infection and evade detection by the malware scanner.

Defray’s Ransom Fit is not a variant of the WannaCry ransomware that infected computers around the world last year.

Instead, the group is a variant with a different name.

The new malware, which has been in the wild for several weeks, is a distributed denial of service attack.

Defryal has not shared details of how it discovered the malware, but said it was able to collect information about the infection in the case of its first successful attack on April 12.

The group claimed to have launched a new version of Ransomfit earlier this week, which was described as “an improved version of the first version.”

The new version is still vulnerable to the Wannacry virus and other ransomware threats.

Defrays version 2.0 also includes a new payload that encrypts data in a variety of ways, including using a file format called AES256, as well as using a different way of encrypting data to prevent it from being decrypted by a modern encryption standard.

It’s unclear whether Defray will continue to push out updates to its ransomware programs.

The RansomFitter ransomware is one of the more advanced threats currently circulating.

In April, a group of researchers called Lazarus Group published a paper showing that the Lazarus malware is capable of creating new versions of its malicious software in a matter of days.

The Lazarus malware has also been seen spreading across other social media networks, as the malware is believed to have been used by hackers to spread its code.

A group called the Wampatik group also announced earlier this month that it was using Lazarus to attack banks.

Although Lazarus is considered a relatively new threat, it is not the first to target banks and other businesses with ransomware.

In January, researchers found that another group called Cryptolocker was also exploiting the Lazarus threat.

However, the Lazarus group did not release any details about the attacks or how many machines it had infected.

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