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CARL SANDERS is the first US president in history to have his funeral expenses covered by his spouse’s estate.

But when the couple split in 1992, the first of two bills for the funeral went unpaid, and the other went unpaid until he died in 2014.

The estate of US President Bernie Sanders had the estate pay $3,000 to $4,000 for the first bill.

But the Sanders estate was ordered to pay another $2,000 in the second bill for the cremation of the former President, Mr Sanders said in a statement.

The Sanders’ estate has since repaid the former president $1,000.

In a recent interview with CBS News, Mr Bernie Sanders said he did not feel the Sanders’ had done anything wrong, but would rather have a more traditional funeral arrangement, if possible.

“My wife, who is one of the greatest public servants I have ever known, she will not be at the funeral,” Mr Sanders told CBS.

But he said he would not do that.””

If we had a traditional funeral, I would rather pay the first $1 million.”

But he said he would not do that.

“I am a human being.

I’m not going to let a small family of four die in the same funeral without a great deal of thought and deliberation,” he said.

The funeral costs of the Clintons have been estimated to be $1.5 million to $2 million.

The former President’s widow, Jane Sanders, said she would have preferred a more private ceremony.

“He would have appreciated the fact that this is a private funeral and we don’t have to talk about the cost of the funeral, because we are a family,” Ms Sanders said.

“That was a very important thing for us.”

The former US President also had a funeral in 2008, when his wife, Barbara, paid $3.5m for the former first lady’s funeral, but that funeral was not covered by the estate.

Ms Sanders said that if her husband was to die, the estate would have to be compensated.

“If he is going to die on me, I want that to be covered by him and that is why I’m asking for a payment,” she said.

But she added that the estate should have paid more.

“At least we are making sure that we’re not going bankrupt and that’s a lot more important than anything,” she told ABC’s “Good Morning America”.

“The funeral is not something that is going on for me, it is for my husband.”

The US Secret Service has also apologised to the Clintons for the way the funeral was handled, but has not confirmed if it paid the funeral expenses.

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