What the future of pay TV and broadband looks like for consumers


The future of cable TV and Internet services is going to be really interesting.

For some people, the future is looking very different from what we’ve seen before.

For those of us who were paying for TV, for example, it was a real shock to find out we were actually being charged $80 more per month than we were being charged by the same provider.

That’s pretty big.

The big question is whether that’s going to change for a lot of consumers and whether that will have a huge impact on the way they consume their entertainment.

The good news is that the NBN has actually been very successful in trying to deal with that.

The NBN has been able to deliver better, more cost effective services to a lot more people.

For a lot people, they have not been able or comfortable paying for a subscription.

So, you know, it’s a real question of whether or not we’ll see the same level of people paying for pay TV that we’ve had in the past.

What we do know is that for the vast majority of Australians, there’s now a subscription option available, and we’re seeing that with the Optus TV.

But what that doesn’t mean is that consumers are going to suddenly stop paying for the subscription.

In fact, it might be that a lot less people will be able to subscribe to pay TV.

For a lot, that’s the biggest difference between cable TV versus the NBN.

And what that means is that in the short term, pay TV will not be the only way to access television, but in the long term, it’ll become the way to do so.

That is the biggest potential issue for pay television, because there’s a lot that goes into the subscription price.

The key question is: will it be affordable?

I think the answer to that will change.

In the short-term, it will be very affordable.

In a couple of years, that will become less important, because the price will have been cut dramatically.

In the long-term we could see pay TV going the way that Netflix is going.

It’s a great example of an alternative to cable, where people are getting the value that they’re paying for, and then the pay TV providers are being able to pay them back in kind.

This year, there will be about 50 million more people in Australia who will be connected to a pay TV service, and that’s about 50 per cent more than when the NBN was launched.

And the number of people who will have access to the NBN is growing every year.

So we’ll have a lot fewer people who are going out and trying to get the most value out of their pay TV package.

How are things going for consumers?

Consumers are really happy with their pay television packages, and I think there’s been a very positive feedback from people about how it’s working for them.

In terms of the NBN, it looks like consumers are seeing a lot better speeds and the network is improving.

People have also noticed that there’s less congestion on the network, which is good for them because they’re spending less time on their mobile phone.

You can also see a real benefit for consumers in terms of quality of service.

For the first time, NBN subscribers have been able, with the NBN service, to access services at the same speeds as their pay phone providers.

That means that they can spend less time waiting for the network to improve, and can spend more time on the content they want to watch.

It also means that more people are actually getting more value for their money, and are able to spend more.

Can the NBN deliver?


The only thing we need to do is to keep the NBN up and running for as long as we can, because that’s how we’re going to see the NBN be used.

I think the key thing is that we need the NBN to keep rolling out to as many people as possible.

That can’t happen if we’re not keeping the NBN available for people who need it.

We’ve got the infrastructure, the people, and the expertise in place to do that.

Where is the NBN now?

NBN Co has been in place since the end of 2013.

At the moment, the network covers about 80 per cent of Australia.

But the NBN Co rollout plan is to be completed by the end to 2020, with about 80,000 premises connected to the network.

That works out to about 10,000,000 people connected to NBN Co’s network.

There are currently 4,500 premises in Australia that have access and are connected to an NBN Co service.

That represents about one in five Australians connected to any type of pay television service.

Of those, about 2,400 are currently being deployed.

About 1,800 premises are in the West, with more than 400

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