What’s in the Lakeview Lakeview Ranch’s $10 million ‘Lakeview Bayfront’ home?


Lakeview, CA —  What’s in your pool?

A lake?

A hot tub? 

A big screen?

A full size boat?

 Maybe a new lawn?

The Lakeview Bayview Ranch is going for a bold new look when it opens its new home in the summer of 2020.

The ranch, located on Lakeview’s southwest side, will include a full size, 18,000 square foot lake house with a fully functioning indoor swimming pool.

Lakeview will also feature a full sized boat dock, boat launch, and a full length water slide.

 The Lake View Bayview is located on an 80 acre lake with a shallow lagoon and is the perfect location for a large family vacation.

 It will also include an expansive, fully equipped gym, tennis court, golf course, pool and even a restaurant.

When it comes to amenities, Lakeview will have a pool and a restaurant in addition to a full service bar and bowling alley.

The LakeView Bayview will feature a fully functional indoor swimming area, fully stocked kitchen and fully equipped laundry room.

If you’re a big water person, you can expect the LakeView’s lake house to have an open-air pool. 

You’ll also find an outdoor pool that will provide an even deeper water pool experience.

The lake house will also have a fully equipped dining room, a full-size outdoor pool, a bar, and an outdoor dining room.

The pool is equipped with a full kitchen, a hot tub, and even an outdoor table tennis.

As for amenities, you’ll also get a full indoor swimming table, two full size indoor pools, an outdoor basketball court, and two full sized indoor volleyball courts.

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