When is the next election?


In 2019, the Congress party will be the ruling party in Delhi and it will be difficult for the opposition to challenge its rule. 

If the Congress is able to maintain the status quo, then the Congress may also be able to form the next government in 2019. 

But if the BJP gains enough seats in the state assembly elections, then it will not be easy to form a government. 

In this scenario, the AAP will have to find a way to get around the Congress in order to form government.

It will be a difficult task. 

What will the AAP do? 

It will not rule out forming a government as long as there is not any opposition in the assembly polls.

It would not be difficult to form an alliance with the BJP and make it work.

But the AAP may not be able even to form such a government because it would have to come up with a budget for the next five years. 

The BJP, on the other hand, is already facing a budget deficit of around Rs 4,000 crore in 2019-20. 

It may be a long road for the BJP to get out of the deficit in 2019, but the AAP has the advantage of being able to get the surplus in 2019 out of its budget deficit. 

Why will it form a minority government? 

The opposition is not willing to form any coalition. 

AAP’s alliance with BJP would be a disaster for the minority government, especially since the BJP would have the votes of the party workers. 

Will the AAP form a coalition? 

In 2019, there will be no coalition with the Congress. 

When the Congress government is formed, the BJP will be in charge.

This will mean that the BJP is likely to form its government in a few months. 

However, in 2019 when there is a general election, there is no such government.

So the BJP may not form a majority government.

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