When is your tax refund due? How to make sure you pay it back


The tax return process is supposed to be simple, but the IRS is using a new process that can take weeks or months to process and is likely to leave many Americans with a negative tax bill.

Here are the most common ways you might miss a tax refund or be late with one:Your taxes are due on the last day of the month, or you haven’t filed your returns yet.

If you have a tax liability you don’t want to pay, call your tax preparer and tell them you are ready to file.

You can also call your bank to request a payment, or pay online.

Your employer is also required to file your tax returns, but it can take several weeks.

If your taxes are overdue, call a financial planner or the IRS.

If your bank is a bank, they can tell you if your bank accounts are frozen, you are unable to pay your bill or you have insufficient funds in your checking account.

If a company or employer is withholding tax from your paycheck, you should file a complaint with the IRS and pay your tax bill before you owe money.

If there is an unpaid tax bill, call the IRS directly and give them the name of the company or company representative.

If the IRS refuses to process your tax return, you can contact your bank.

The IRS has set a deadline of April 15 for taxpayers who owe taxes to file their tax returns by April 25.

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