When the world says ‘free speech,’ you should probably listen to them


When a new president makes sweeping policy changes to the free speech rights of journalists, the next time a new headline pops up, it may be worth taking a moment to reflect.

But it’s a moment that is particularly important when a new administration, after months of criticism from journalists, has begun to roll back some of the protections afforded by the First Amendment.

Here are five things to know about the Trump administration’s plans to rewrite the law.


A major overhaul The new president’s plan includes a series of executive actions that could have a profound effect on the First.

First Amendment protections are not going away.

The White House is taking a number of steps to loosen restrictions on news and media organizations that cover certain subjects, including banning news organizations from publicly releasing the names of sources who cover them, limiting how many people are allowed to work in a newsroom, and revoking the ability of certain organizations to publish stories that are critical of the new administration.

The executive actions, which have not yet been finalized, would also restrict what kinds of news organizations can publish.

The Trump administration is expected to unveil new guidelines by the end of the month that would make it harder for journalists to report on certain subjects.

A new set of guidelines would also limit reporters to reporting on only one news organization per day, limit what can be reported on the president, and limit the scope of reporting about the president and his policies.


The Supreme Court has long held that reporters are not free to publish sources’ identities or the identities of their sources without their permission.

The justices have made that a central part of their First Amendment jurisprudence, but it is not a rule that is universally accepted.

Some news organizations argue that a person’s right to free speech depends on the content of the news and what that news is, not on the identity of the source.

This means that a journalist cannot be held liable for revealing a person who is hiding from police in a foreign country.


The First Amendment protects the right of people to criticize a political leader.

The Constitution does not grant journalists the right to report the identities or personal information of people they have not identified as a source, but the court has ruled that reporters may be held accountable for disclosing information about a person without his or her consent.

This includes disclosing personal information about someone without their consent, such as a Social Security number, to a reporter who does not have access to the information.


The federal government has long granted journalists broad access to sources for coverage of government policy.

During the presidential campaign, President Donald Trump called on journalists to reveal the names and faces of “sick” people who were being taken off Medicare and Medicaid, and said he would “immediately” release the names.

He said this after his advisers, led by his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, released a dossier that included claims that Trump’s political enemies had sought to assassinate him.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the dossier contained claims from anonymous sources that included “confidential details about the private lives of senior officials.”


A Trump administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity to describe the plans, said the president’s team has been working with Congress to make sure the First and Fourth Amendments are not “unfairly burdened” by new restrictions.

Trump has said that journalists should not be forced to reveal personal information that is protected by the Constitution, and that he intends to sign a law barring reporters from making public the names or personal data of anonymous sources without the individual’s permission.

However, this administration is not expected to enforce that law.

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