Which are the best and worst ways to keep your home office clean?


The Best: Keep your office clean with a few simple tips to keep you from feeling guilty.

Synonym: keep your office tidy Synonym 2: stay away from making excuses for not doing something Synonym 3: keep things organized Synonym 4: keep the windows open Synonym 5: keep all the appliances in good working order Synonym 6: make sure your computer has a fan on top Synonym 7: make your home security camera look like a superhero Synonym 8: have your own personal assistant Synonym 9: have a little extra space for things that need to be kept in place Synonym 10: keep any unused items in a ziplock bag Synonym 11: have at least two hours of free time every week to be productive Synonym 12: buy a home office vacuum Synonym 13: keep a few of your own things in your home Synonym 14: pay for your own energy bills Synonym 15: have one of those little green refrigerators synonym 16: use a few household cleaners Synonym 17: use only the most expensive cleaning products Synonym 18: keep an eye out for the “best and worst” ways to clean your office Synonym 19: get a friend to do the work Synonym 20: use all your kitchen appliances synonym 21: use the best vacuum cleaner synonym 22: have the most natural air circulation in the house Synonym 23: use an electric fan Synonym 24: have someone who is very good at washing dishes Synonym 25: have an assistant who cleans your dishes Synonymous 26: have access to a professional vacuum cleaner Synonym 27: have plenty of natural light in your kitchen Synonym 28: have people in your office who do your laundry Synonym 29: have everyone around you at your house Synonymous 30: have roommates who live nearby Synonym 31: have several people around your house with you Synonym 32: have multiple people working at once Synonym 33: have enough room for the best of the best Synonym 34: have everything you need to keep things clean Synonym 35: have things that are safe in your refrigerator Synonym 36: have some extra space to put things you have stored in the fridge Synonym 37: have space to store items you have around your desk Synonym 38: have something you can bring to work synonym 39: have room for a desk that fits on a shelf Synonym 40: have more space in your closet Synonym 41: have extra shelves that can be used for shelving Synonym 42: have two shelves for more storage Synonym 43: have shelves that are big enough to put a coffee table in Synonym 44: have six shelves Synonym 45: have lots of shelving and storage Synonymous 46: have storage on the floor Synonym 47: have all your supplies in your fridge Synonymous 48: have four shelves to keep everything you use Synonym 49: have free room to put furniture in your room Synonym 50: have spare bedroom storage Synonyms 51: have bedding synonym 52: have furniture that can fit in your bed Synonym 53: have items that are stored in a closet Synonymous 54: have shelving synonym 55: have additional space to keep clothes in Synonyms 56: have three extra closets Synonym 57: have boxes of clothes that are all in the same place Synonyms 58: have clothes that you can put on and take with you when you go out Synonym 59: have closets in your car Synonym 60: have different closets for different places Synonym 61: have bins Synonym 62: have cabinets Synonym 63: have bookshelves Synonym 64: have desk shelves Synonymous 65: have drawers Synonym 66: have chairs that are in the exact same place as the shelves Synonyms 67: have tables Synonym 68: have floor mats Synonym 69: have racks that can hold books Synonym 70: have mirrors Synonym 71: have coffee tables Synonyms 72: have other furniture that is synonym 73: have kitchen cabinets Synonyms 74: have bathrooms Synonym 75: have stairs Synonym 76: have outdoor furniture that you use every day Synonym 77: have windows that are on the same level as your office table Synonym 78: have televisions that you watch your shows on Synonym 79: have TVs that you have access Synonym 80: have flat screen TVs that are connected to a computer Synonym 81: have cable television that is connected to your home computer Synonymous 82: have wireless internet access Synonymous 83: have internet access that you do not need Synonym 84: have wi-fi internet access synonym 85: have thermostats Synonym 86: have heaters Synonyms 87: have microwaves Synonym 88: have electric blankets Synonym 89: have insulation Synonym 90: have window curtains Synonym 91: have curtain rods Synonym 92: have curtains that are attached to the ceiling

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