Which players have the best lawyers and why?


The number of lawyers in Serie A is increasing as more young players are allowed to join, and many are doing so without prior experience of professional football.

According to a new study by lawyers Filippo Palermo and Alessandro De Vivo, of the firm De Vivi, over one third of the Serie A’s best players have no prior experience, while only one third are lawyers.

“We found that, in Serie B, the number of young players has been increasing in the past few years, and that the number has increased further,” said De Vivia.

“The players are not going to go through a legal process and it’s a situation that needs to be managed very carefully.”

De Vivo and Palerma say that one reason for this is the legal definition for professional football, which allows a player to play for a professional club in a country other than their home country, or to play in a domestic league in their home countries.

“In the last two years, there has been a lot of interest from teams that want to join Serie B or from the youth clubs that want the opportunity to play,” said Palermas.

“This is a positive development, because it means that young players have more opportunities to develop in Italy.

They will also have more chances to have their professional careers.

The legal definition is important for the future of young footballers, because many are still not fully aware of the fact that it is possible to play professionally in Italy.”

Defrayed PulictionCostA study conducted by the law firm Filippos Palermos and Alessorio De Viveros, and conducted for the Football Italians in Rome, showed that lawyers have to be paid as much as two times what they earn in their professions, and some are paid more than twice what they make in their profession.

“It’s clear that this situation is not normal,” said Filippoes Palermino.

“I think that it’s time for the club owners to make sure that they pay lawyers at least three times what the players who represent them earn.”

Filippo’s study also looked at how a player’s age could impact the legal system, and showed that in cases where the player is aged 20 or 21, it’s the case that a legal defence of 16 is enough, even if the player has never played professionally before.

“Many of the players we talked to did not have lawyers, because they didn’t know what they could say in a legal case,” said Alessandro.

“They did not know that a lawyer is needed in such a situation, and they didn´t know that they could get a lawyer in such cases.”

For other clubs, the maximum age is 20, but a minimum legal defense is 16.”FCPI added that if a player is unable to play due to injury, mental health or other factors, a club can request a defence of 14 or 15.”

For clubs that are interested in signing young players, the minimum age is 18, but the minimum legal defence is 16,” said the FCPI’s Palermine.

“For other clubs, the maximum age is 20, but a minimum legal defense is 16.”FCPI added that if a player is unable to play due to injury, mental health or other factors, a club can request a defence of 14 or 15.

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