Why is India’s defrayal of healthcare cost defraying so much money?


The government of India’s government of chief ministers and ministers is currently in a battle to defray the cost of the country’s healthcare system.

The cost of providing healthcare in India has become a key issue in the country and the government is trying to figure out ways to defuse that issue.

In May 2017, the government announced that it would provide free healthcare to the poor and needy for a period of three years.

In a bid to defang the perception that the healthcare system was inefficient and underfunded, the healthcare ministry set up a panel to review the countrys healthcare system and report its findings in 2019.

The government has set up the Defrayal Commission to look into the matter.

It has also put out a consultation paper that outlines a list of the proposed measures that the government can take to help defray healthcare costs.

The proposed measures include setting up an “alternative payment model” in which patients can opt to pay with cash or credit cards and other payment options to deflate the healthcare costs, as well as encouraging the poor to use mobile payments.

The commission is expected to issue its report in September 2019.

“The commission will examine whether there are reasonable alternatives to the existing payment model and whether the alternative payment model can be implemented in a cost-effective manner,” a government spokesperson told Al Jazeera.

The health minister, Prakash Javadekar, has announced that the defraya cost defrays are expected to be $6.9 billion over three years, or $10.7 billion in total.

However, that figure does not include indirect costs, which could rise significantly.

In an effort to ensure that the cost defaulters are not overlooked by the government, the health ministry has proposed the creation of a national health fund to be set up under the scheme.

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